The R-fMRI Journal Club 161021

When: Friday, Oct 21, 2016, 10:00PM - 11:00PM


Discuss paper:

Yeo, B.T., Krienen, F.M., Sepulcre, J., Sabuncu, M.R., Lashkari, D., Hollinshead, M., Roffman, J.L., Smoller, J.W., Zollei, L., Polimeni, J.R., Fischl, B., Liu, H., Buckner, R.L., 2011. The organization of the human cerebral cortex estimated by intrinsic functional connectivity. J Neurophysiol 106, 1125-1165..

The discussion will be availabe online through live streaming: (10 am, Oct. 21, 2016).

The PPT will be availabe at

You can join the wechat group (see attached QR code) for further information of the Journal Club.